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18k Japan Gold Heartbiz Soft Chain Ring

18k Japan Gold Heartbiz Soft Chain Ring

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Expertly designed in Japan, our 18k Japan Gold Heartbiz Soft Chain Ring features a unique design that sets it apart from traditional rings. The soft chain adds a delicate and stylish touch to this beautiful piece, making it a perfect addition to any jewelry collection.


Gold metal: 18k YG Japan gold

Weight: Approximately 4-5 grams 

Package: With box or pouch 

ShippingWithin 3 business days.

☝️This is a soft chain ring. It fits tighter. Please get 1 size larger than your original size.

👆Delivery & fees may vary depending on shipping location. Calculation during checkout. 

 💎Made in Japan

💎Guaranteed authentic & pawnable.

💎Every piece is 10k, 18k, 24k, hallmark stamp engraved. 
💎Well made & inspected by professional jewelers. 

Material: 18k Japan gold ring

Available Sizes: Japan Size #10, #13, #18, #19

This is a soft chain ring. It will fit 1 size smaller to its original size, so please get 1 size larger.

Weight: approximately 4-5 grams 

Shipping: within 3 business days 

Package: with box / pouch 


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